Zwingli on Speaking in Tongues

Ulrich Zwingli, according to Mark Ellingsen in Reclaiming Our Roots: An Inclusive Introduction to Church History, did not deny ‘speaking in tongues’,

In this connection, Zwingli claimed the gift of tongues (baptism of the Holy Spirit) was ordained by Christ for the benefit of providing a witness to unbelievers…

Ellingsen concludes,

The Zwinglian tradition is obviously friendly to subsequent development of Pentecostalism.

I have never read Zwingli, but a certain blogger seems to have read a little but about him, and further, has a comment policy which dictates no anti-Zwingli comments. Due to the recent series of blogs concerning speaking in tongues, I thought that I had best post Zwingli’s thoughts – rather, the thoughts about his thoughts – here. Plus, I still intend on attending the blogging dinner, and I do not want my invite retracted.

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4 Replies to “Zwingli on Speaking in Tongues”

  1. i hadnt seen this post before. let me assure you, this guy ellingsen doesnt have a clue what hes talking about. for zwingli, ‘tongues’ was the ability to translate greek and hebrew into another language so that the bible could be read and understood by all. nothing more. NOTHING more.

    and zwingli was as friendly to radicalism as luther was friendly to zwingli.

    it’s so very annoying when people who have only read ABOUT zwingli in secondary sources act like they are fiarly representing what zwingli actually said himself.

    1. Very true. I generally, unless I am attempting to annoy someone, preface my thoughts on Zwingli with ‘I haven’t read much about Zwingli.’

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