Your Daily Dose of Stupidity

This showed up on my Facebook wall today:

pastor roy blizzard, 3 times stupid

I hate to tell the 3 people who attend Joppa Church, but Pastor Roy is selling snake oil.

First, the Gospel of John was not written in Hebrew. It was written in Greek. I seriously doubt even Aramaic was a concern of the original author.

Second, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have backwards translated the Gospel of John from the Greek to the Hebrew and back again.

Third, what’s up with the overly sexualized Fabio-Jesus on the front cover? What is Pastor Roy trying to tell us by picking that cover? What’s he trying to get his hands on?

Anyway, if you do go to the Amazon author page, you’ll note some gems. Not only has he reviewed his own book (with some garbage about tacos) but he trumpets his “250 graduate hours in various areas of study such as Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Jewish Studies, Bible, Archeology, and Geology.”

Seriously, this guy and Little Honey Tee Tee should team up and write a book.

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7 Replies to “Your Daily Dose of Stupidity”

  1. The train wreck that defines early 21st century Christianity in the United States may be God’s way of saying the faith has jumped the rails.

  2. What makes this whole thing even more ridiculous is that of the five star reviews, they’ve all reviewed Blizzard’s other “book” or just this one. Besides, it is highly dubious for an author to review their own work on Amazon. What a silly waste of trees.Thankfully the majority of our fellow Christians are smart enough to see this for what it is.

  3. You’ll be happy to know Dr. Blizzard has moved on to the pressing issue of how President Obama commissioned the CDC to create the Ebola virus on whihc it earns “70% of the variances” and, having utlized the time machine with which the CIA endowed him on Mars, filed the patent apparently in the nineteenth century. And watch out for those RFID chips in the vaccine, too.

  4. Hmm supposedly a Bible scholar but reviews books that he doesn’t read. How scholarly. Lolol. I see people who read your blog are too unfamiliar with the Gospel of John to recognize the written word of God becoming flesh, but the former Methodists I know say that’s pretty normal as the Bible’s are usually under the coffee bar. God bless in your journey. ברך השם

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