Young and Old Earth Creation Beliefs and Origins

Long ages are a recent phenomenon to justify evolutionary philosophy. I used to believe the day-age and/or gap models were credible, until I realized they had a number of linguistic and logical problems, and that my view was not based on the Bible’s language or historical views, but simply to accommodate long age concepts. These models were constructed in the nineteenth century in an attempt to harmonize evolutionary dogma with the Biblical text. Long ages were touted as ‘proven’ by science, and therefore it seemed necessary to force the Bible’s language to conform to this supposed scientific fact even if this created linguistic, logical and historical inconsistencies.

See how this came about at Young and Old Earth Creation Beliefs and Origins.

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9 Replies to “Young and Old Earth Creation Beliefs and Origins”

  1. I went and read the main article by Rory Rybal, and I’ve gotta say I basically agree with it. It still appears to me that the text just says what it says, and I’m willing to believe that. It’s not essential, but it seems clear, and it looks to me like any other explanation I’ve ever found is forced to stretch the Biblical text around the prevailing scientific opinion of today.

    By the way, the article looks very much like it represents those of the blog’s distinguished author. Only when I was amazed by the contact and looked at the fine print below did I realize it wasn’t Joel’s endorsement of the ideas in the text.

    1. See, for me, I believe the text says what it says without allusion to scientific ideas. I don’t like stretching to fit anything. My goal for Genesis One is to find the ‘prophetic narrative’ (which will be explained next week). I think that we do a great deal of harm when we want to fit the bible around scientific contexts. Do we do the same to heaven? To God Himself? The Resurrection?

      My only goal for Genesis One is the theological.

      Mitchel, regarding those who post things here – for me, Rory is a fine person, an author, and one who loves God. I endorse him 🙂

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