You only vote for Newt Gingrich if you like red meat

Watch this:

This is crazy. How often did Newt use federal tv to lambast Democrats and the President on a whole host of issues? Not only is this man a hypocrite, he is a blowhard, say-anything type of candidate.

The reason that many will vote for Newt is the myth of ‘fire in his belly.’ Look at the interview Newt’s ex-wife gave a few years ago. He has as a severe disconnect between personal and public… and all of those who say that a worldview matters and yet vote for Newt, they are hypocrites themselves.

If your own goal is to “beat Obama,” then you are a selfish individual. This idea that the President must be “beat” is silly. Either you can do a better job of being President, or not, but to run simply to beat someone shows your motivations…

The General Election with Obama V Gingrich is going to get ugly. It’s going to be a bar fight from Gingrich’s point of view and this country will not, will not move forward. We’ll go backwards.

Good luck with that, America.

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3 Replies to “You only vote for Newt Gingrich if you like red meat”

  1. Joel, I should be stunned by the number of Christians who are now coming out in support of this guy, but im not. When you have conservatives and/or Christians making statements such as (and this is a direct quote) “I’d vote for a dog if it meant getting rid of Obama”, its not surprising they would support a hypocritical, shameless, self-centered narcissist.

  2. Joel, I’m surprised you seem to be implying that Newt will be the nominee.


    Romney is the only way the real GOP can get their party back from the chiliast Christian heretics who have hijacked the party with their miserable 20% swing vote. Make them form their own party, I say.

    Of course I see no problem with 4 more years of a Democrat in the White House. But I think the GOP should act this year to get rid of this awfully mistaken alliance with myopic Christian splinter groups and Southern Baptists (themselves hi-jacked by myopic sectarians in 1980s). If the offensive, unchristian clowns on the religious right will not vote for ‘a Mormon’ – so much the better. Even if this means the GOP loses, the party can perhaps clean itself up enough to mount a successful broad-based campaign in 2016 (when the Democrats will no longer have an incumbent and probably look just as clueless as Republicans have looked all year).

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