you can’t just sue to shut someone up…

On Simcha…

Dr. Robin Jensen and her employer, Vanderbilt University, have filed motions to dismiss thelawsuit brought against themby pseudoarchaeologist, professional filmmaker, andrecent filer of multiple lawsuits against critics who disagree with his conclusions, Mr. Simcha Jacobovici.

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7 Replies to “you can’t just sue to shut someone up…”

  1. There are three things to remember about politics, religion and sideshows: 1) The public is gullible. 2)There is big money to be made from successfully perpetrating a hoax. 3) Perceived threats to the cash cow must be silenced or otherwise eliminated.

  2. As for number three, this is the L Ron Hubbard method of silencing critics, ‘critics, you got critics, sue them, the aim is not to win, the aim is to silence, destroy them ‘ along with others via the ‘chill effect. As for number 2, I asked one of those directly involved, dept head, what he would do when colleagues will disavow him, he replied ‘I’ll laugh all the way to the bank’ which finished our friendship. The public is gullible and American/Canadian universities appear to have a rather cavalier attitude, when profs. con them into believing that this trash they are selling will bring more students to the university. Unfort. it may, however when it comes to the student getting into a serious graduate pgrm, odds are now against them. Case in point, the last Talpiot tomb scheme had the blessing of UNC, who guaranteed ‘scientific oversight” who was nowhere in sight, in fact, the prof. had never been on the scene. Just more Amazing Dis-Grace from a NC university dept of religious studies.

        1. Athletics keeps alumni happy and contributing. Even as some schools make cuts to their athletic programs, others add to them. It really is a mixed bag. In some cases semi-professional sports on the college level can resemble a pact with the devil.

  3. On the other hand, I was the recipient of an athletic scholarship and many of us in the small, blue collar, working class community would not have had the opportunity to attend the university without such financial assistance. Much of the problem lies with which sport, which university, if it’s a money maker, anything goes at many of the southern schools. What was par for the course here at UNC would probably not happen down the road at Duke, in fact, I’m sure as colleagues there tell me, no dumbing down for those on athletic scholarships.
    Personally, I have the feeling that a blind eye is often turned on those depts which bring in students and large grants, a % going to the university, under rather questionable circumstances. Biblical archaeology, religious studies departments being a prime example. I once worked at Qumran with one of those, ‘we promise you impt, headline grabbing finds’ in which a large grant was received and NOVA whom was promised important finds, was disappointed in that nothing of importance was coming up. After complaining lo and behold, things ‘turned up’, and they were happy. In short, if you can’t find it, invent it….many were happy. I was not, I ‘walked’ and wrote about it in a peer reviewed article, vetted by lawyers,

  4. Speaking of shutting people up, the following links open a can of worms that many people might like to keep vacuum sealed. They might also like to eliminate the publisher of the information.

    Still, as Liberty University law professor Boz Tchividjian told journalists awhile back, Protestants are “worse” than Catholics when it comes to sexual abuse.

    Nevertheless, for an insight into handling of assaults at Bob Jones University, follow the links below. In many ways, Bob Jones is like other institutions faced with similar problems in that it blames the victim and sweeps the problem under the rug!

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