You cannot be A Protestant if you don’t Love the Church Fathers

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Ben writes,

To me, everyone from the Christian tradition was merely another interpreter of Scripture. Why would I waste my time reading someone else’s opinion when I could just read the Bible for myself? What good would it do to read from the Christian tradition when everything I need can be found in Scripture? Sola Scriptura! — and the tradition can be left to my non-Protestant friends.


One of the greatest disservices of contemporary theology is its neglect of the Christian Fathers and their contribution to our religion. But even more than that, an equally appalling tragedy is the neglect of the great exemplars of Christian faith in non-liturgical traditions.

Ben Griffith: A Protestant Learns to Love the Church Fathers.

I’m glad he found them.

Okay, so what if my story is a little similar to his… I am of the position today that you cannot fully be Protestant, and know what you are protesting, if you haven’t read and come to love the Church Fathers.


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