Yes – the #umc DOES NEED a bigger bible

A retired UMC Elder writes in regards to bringing the canon of the UMC up to standard. He does an admirable job, although he bases it more on removing the stench of anti-Catholicism that we have otherwise amended. He suggest two ways to officially do this:

The disconnect between our publications and Article V needs to be resolved. This could be done by modifying Article V to permit United Methodists who desire to do so to accept a more extensive definition of biblical content. The process is not easy, since it involves amending our Constitution to make a restrictive rule more flexible (Paragraphs 17 and 59, 2012 Book of Discipline). There are two options to consider: one approach would expand the article; another would shorten it.

via Commentary: Would a bigger Bible be better? – The United Methodist Church.

I am in full agreement with this; however, I believe that it should be in part to do away with Luther’s legacy but also because the early Church made use of these books. Why not use, or rather officially allow the use of these improperly excluded books, in our litanies and liturgies?

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