Yes – The Mainlines must speak, but to whom and how?

Mainline denominations, each for its own reasons, decided to withdraw from the media in the 1980s, at the same time these media were becoming the most influential shapers of attitudes and values in human history.  Amid a revolution in thought and conversation, many of the mainline churches left their place in the discussion to others.

via Have Mainline Denominations Lost Their Voice? | Faith, Media & Culture.

The article is great. And the point behind it better.

The spiritually hungry, destitute, and outcasts need a place to go – even if they do not know it. Let them come to us.


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4 Replies to “Yes – The Mainlines must speak, but to whom and how?”

  1. Did they really withdraw, or did media stop calling them, preferring to go with Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Bill Donohue, who were better at working the media and could be counted on to court controversy?

    1. that’s a good point, but I would politely counter that the mainlines ran out of backbone, and considering that many mainlines are somewhat democratic, their base most likely didn’t have the back of their leadership

  2. We need to remember that when we try to keep everyone happy the most likely outcome is that everyone is unhappy. We need to strive for truth and stick to it.

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