Yes, Jesus even repented for Jim West

Over the weekend, Jim took to the blog and then tried to defend his position on Twitter. Much like Zwingli on the battlefield, or Calvin in the after life, he went down.

NEIN! And- Satan Goes to Supper | Zwinglius Redivivus.

The cross is the means of reconciliation; it is by it man, in the person of a holy victim, comes back to the God who has been waiting to receive him since the world began. In this holy Being, who represents the human race, suffers more than any of His brethren, it is, as we have shown in speaking of the agony in Gethsemane, precisely because of His holiness and His love; He suffers not alone for Himself, but for all generations of mankind; in the strength of His sympathy, He bears in Himself all the shame and all the misery of sin. He repents for us; and in the crime of which He is the victim, He sees and bewails the darkest exhibition of human depravity. His compassion fills up the measure of His sufferings by making Him acquainted with such bitterness as remorse, which His own sinless nature could never have known. It is in this sense that He descends into hell to save us. Stephen could die joyful and triumphant; the feeblest Christian may so die; but Jesus could not, because infinite love, in conflict with infinite evil, could not escape unutterable anguish.

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