yeah, I don’t think @AIG does anything in good faith

That kind of trickery is not exceptional, it’s typical. Creationist arguments are full of untruths, half-truths, and word games — and the arguments keep circulating no matter how many times the fallacies get exposed.


Scientists don’t know how to deal with that. The whole culture of science (going back to the 1600s) is based on arguing in good faith and assuming that your opponent is doing the same. A scientist who gets caught cheating is finished. There’s no rehabilitation process, you’re just done being a scientist. But dishonest creationist arguments live forever, and the people who invent them are not even embarrassed.

via Evolution/Creation for Non-Eggheads « The Weekly Sift.

One cannot use good faith, the scientific method, logic, or reasoning in a discussion if the other side can only rely upon a circle of superstition, bad interpretation and fear — not fear that you may be right, but fear they may be wrong and if wrong, they lose their power structure.

Tis a good article…

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