Yay! My book is now on Amazon!

How cool is that!

It is out of stock, because it takes a bit to get it to Amazon. Also, it should be on Kindle in a few more weeks.

What if the story of Jesus was meant not just to be told but retold, molded, and shaped into something new, something present by the Evangelist to face each new crisis? The Evangelists were not recording a historical report, but writing to effect a change in their community. Mark was faced with the imminent destruction of his tiny community—a community leaderless without Paul and Peter and who witnessed the destruction of the Temple; now, another messianic figure was claiming the worship rightly due to Jesus. The author of the Gospel of Mark takes his stylus in hand and begins to rewrite the story of Jesus—to unwrite the present, rewrite the past, to change the future.

Joel L. Watts moves the Gospel of Mark to just after the destruction of the Temple, sets it within Roman educational models, and begins to read the ancient work afresh. Watts builds upon the historical criticisms of the past, but brings out a new way of reading the ancient stories of Jesus, and attempts to establish the literary sources of the Evangelist.

Of course, you can still order it on Wipf and Stock.

And the best thing to do, is to ask your library to buy it.

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15 Replies to “Yay! My book is now on Amazon!”

  1. No one cares as you are not the first one to have a book on amazon. I have 2 there so anyone can do it. The only difference is yours isn’t the truth.

    1. ahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

      Obviously, you care because you commented. Second, anyone can have a book on amazon. Little Honey Tee Tee has books on amazon. porn is listed on amazon. and don’t think those two aren’t related.

      The reason i pointed this out is because many of my readers want to order it from Amazon.

      Also, tell me… what books do you have on Amazon?

    1. Oh, so you can’t actually name the books you have have on amazon… and what’s more, you thought you were insulting, but in the end, you really weren’t. Umm… me thinks you suffer an intellectual deficit.

  2. I wasn’t making an insult and I could name the books I just decided not to do so. You assume and leap to conclusions a lot. Along with freely insulting others

    1. In other words, you can’t. Wonder why?…

      I’ll offer two guess. First, this is an alias for Little Honey Tee Tee. Or, the books are so godawful that you are embarrassed to list them.

    1. No, moron. You misunderstand. The mimetic negative occurs when people ban books like 1984, Catcher in the Rye, and Scripture. Or when so-called Christian universities fire professors or ban critical thinking books.

      They are banned by so-called “moral critics.” You know, witch hunters, etc… the superstitious lot you hail from.

      I am sorry you lack basic reading comprehension skills and rely on community-edited sites for your information, and the more so, about a subject you really don’t understand.

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