This is part 4 of a 4-part series from Phil Prior of Wycliffe UK, a fine organization whose mission is to bring the word of God to everyone one, in every language.

The biggest mistake that can be made by anyone is to assume that you need to speak another language to be involved in the work of Wycliffe. There is a huge demand for teachers, IT and computer specialists, accountants personnel managers and communications experts in centres all around the world, and most of the time you’ll only need to communicate in English or French.

If you’re not ready to sign up straight away, there are a number of short-term experiences you can sign up for. Anything from spending a week in your own country learning about Wycliffe and Bible translation, or six/eight weeks visiting a project in another part of the world.

More at Wycliffe UK

More at Wycliffe USA

More at Wycliffe Australia

You could also pray for us. It is important that the work of Bible translation is supported by prayer.

A colleague of mine once pointed out that it’s often far easier to give money than it is to pray. Bible translation and the people who work for Wycliffe and other organisations need financial support, but they also need prayer. Most local Wycliffe operations will produce some kind of prayer diary, you can sign up for the UK version here.

If you would like to give financially to support Bible translation, this can be done online too,

Wycliffe UK

Wycliffe USA

Wycliffe Australia

Finally, you can talk about us. There are lots of people that still don’t know about the need for Bible translation and assume that everyone already has the scriptures in their language. You could encourage them to find out more about Wycliffe. Maybe just forward the URL for this blog post to them as a start?

Thanks for reading.


Phil Prior is the Head of Communications for Wycliffe UK. His career was in Higher Education in the UK until Wycliffe made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and he joined them in February 2009. Phil blogs about his life and the things that interest him at . He can also be found  on Twitter as Phil77.

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