WV Delegate wants Science Fiction Taught in Schools

English: Three star barnstar for Star Trek Čes...
English: Three star barnstar for Star Trek Česky: Tříhvězdičkové ocenění portálu Star Trek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In Southern West Virginia, there’s a bit of a Calvinistic attitude toward life – this is how things are and they’ll never be any different,” he said. ” serves as a kind of antidote to that fatalistic kind of thinking.”

via Bill for compulsory science fiction in West Virginia schools | Books | guardian.co.uk.

This is the same delegate, by the way, who suggest that children from homes who cannot afford school meals be forced to clean toilets and do other menial labor jobs to pay for it.

He’s a far right Republican, by the way, supporting things like Star Trek (no money used, no capitalism, sorta socialist, very tolerant, no human religious dogma) and the Postman (dystopian future caused by what could be called Libertarians but the civilization is saved by a belief in the Government).

Oh my frakin’ goodness. My blood pressure is gone for the day. Thanks Adam (via twitter)

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