Wow… who’s more messianic? Iran or…. Israel?

A former Israeli spymaster has branded the country’s leaders unfit to tackle the Iranian nuclear program because of what he called the “messianic feelings” behind their threats to launch a pre-emptive war on Iran…..

…”I really don’t have faith in a leadership that makes decisions out of messianic feelings.”

via World News – Israel ex-spy warns against ‘messianic’ Iran war.

That’s not coming from Iran or even the U.S., but from a high profile Israeli.

All of this on the heels of the news that the U.S. may… may…. agree to some limited uranium enrichment by Iran.

 In what would be a significant concession, Obama administration officials say they could support allowing Iran to maintain a crucial element of its disputed nuclear program if Tehran took other major steps to curb its ability to develop a nuclear bomb.

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