Would a President Michele Bachmann still follow ‘Biblical’ Submission?

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In the 1960 Presidential race, the big question was whether or not John F. Kennedy would, because he was Catholic, take orders from the Vatican as President. In my opinion, it was a legitimate question (and not of the Jack Chick kind either). Michele Bachmann practices what many call ‘biblical submission’, which as already seen her get a Tax law degree,

This is from the article below.


In a speech at a mega-church in the Minneapolis area back in 2006, Michele Bachmann explained her decision to pursue tax law. It wasn’t her choice, exactly. God had already told her to go to law school; God had also told her to marry a fellow named Marcus Bachmann. Now Marcus told her “to go and get a post-doctorate degree in tax law.” This was not a particular desire of Michele’s (“Tax law? I hate taxes!”), but she was certain God was speaking through her husband.

“Why should I go and do something like that?” she recalled thinking. “But the Lord says, ‘Be submissive wives; you are to be submissive to your husbands.'”


Author’s stated opinion based on facts:

Indeed, it may imply something more—that as a woman who defers to her husband, she believes herself to be more liberated than secular feminists are. According to Karen Seat, a religious studies professor at the University of Arizona, some conservative evangelicals argue that women’s deference is itself empowering, because it’s what God intends, and because it is the fullest expression of womanhood. In this world of opposites, submission is strength and inequity is proof of equality. It’s quite possible that a President Bachmann would primarily define herself not as the first female president of the United States, but as a wife and mother. And she would not see that as anything less than progress.

Michele Bachmann and evangelicals: Can a woman really be accepted as a leader? – By Libby Copeland – Slate Magazine.

I think that having a Bachmann campaign would be a good conversation starter on ‘biblical’ submission. As you can tell by the scare quotes around the word ‘biblical’, I don’t particularly buy that point of view. But, what if Michele did – as she says she does – while in the White House? What if her husband told her to quit?

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10 Replies to “Would a President Michele Bachmann still follow ‘Biblical’ Submission?”

  1. I asked this very question a few weeks ago. I mean, she is WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). WELS is an interesting group of Lutherans.

    1. I’m not sure Sarah was like that to be honest. As Sarah is more pentecostal/charismatic, they tend to have a better understanding (at least in the circles that I know of)

      1. Yes, you are probably right. The issue then was less with Sarah’s own views and more with the apparent inconsistency of complementarians supporting her. But the latter issue is bound to come up again if Bachmann gets past the early stages of the campaign.

      2. I can’t stand Pentecostals anymore. They teach the false gospel of tithe, miracles, deliverance, tongues, and works. The Pentecostal Scramble for Africa happened while we were asleep. They are racists. As a white conservative believer, I am appalled. There, I said it. I now prefer Sowore over Trump. Africa has no need of our imperialist lordship missionaries. Ninyo leads the free grace movement there. By the way, July 2 means something to Africa.

  2. You know, a friend of mine told me that the Bible says that women shouldn’t be President. That was when Hillary Clinton looked like the 2008 Democratic nominee.

    Now, he’s been raving over the Palin and Bachmann stories. Gotta love that devotion to principle, huh?

    Anyway, to this question … It’ll be a matter of convenience, of course. Somehow, as is often the case, God will amazingly tell her to do exactly what she already wanted to do. And her husband will say it … or else.

    1. John Knox’s interpretation of isaiah 3 I believe, has huge tradition.

      He was rebelling against queen Mary people, geesh!

      1. Yes, we in Britain have a long tradition of rule by women, actually in England, with Bloody Mary, before even Knox’s adversary Mary Queen of Scots, who was bloody only in her end.

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