Wonka has something to say to the Mythicists


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4 Replies to “Wonka has something to say to the Mythicists”

  1. So there exist tendentious, agenda-driven stories of someone being born in a place he wasn’t?

    Surely the task of a mainstream Biblical scholar is to take false stories of Jesus being born in Bethlehem and try to work out roughly when Jesus was born, using false birth stories as material?

    And then compare people who doubt your wisdom in doing this to Birthers.

    Which simply shows a lack of irony meters in New Testament research departments.

    1. i want to make a point that you attac christian ministers instead of supporting the preachers of the gospel ,i notice you also disagree on trancelations of books of the bible ,that point out to me a bad spirit what does it matter were jesus was born what does it matter were the crusafixion took place ,what makes the difference is it happend ,and jesus died and was raised from the grave ,so that whosoever believed on him will have eternal life ,here is were whe should stop ,start to praise GODstart to exult HIS holy name ,dont waste your time leading people astray come into one ness with all christians and lets become one in christ and love as he loves us that is what GOD want

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