Wonder how Terry Jones feels this morning?

Oh? Am I blaming Terry Jones for the murder for four Americans in Libya? Not really, but he allows his hate to become fuel for the fire smoldering already.

See, after years of burning Qurans, Terry has taken to making propaganda pieces about Islam with the intent to insight and inflame:

That’s also because it’s associated with Florida Pastor Terry Jones (yes, the ******* who burnt the Koran despite Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’ pleas) and two Egyptians living in the U.S., according to Egyptian press accounts.* The Egyptians are allegedly Coptic, the Christian minority that makes up about a tenth of Egypt.

Growing up in south Louisiana, I knew about the red ants. These fire ants, these tools of satan, rested easily in their dirty, dusty, sandy piles attacking no one, but always in rage. However, if you go and stick something into the pile, disturb it – kick it over, they are going to get you. Radical extremists are the same way. Terry Jones is doing his level best to cause these things so that he can point and say, “See, they aren’t a religion of peace.” How ironic that Christian fundamentalist is inciting Islamic fundamentalism… that someone who professes to follow the “Truth,” Jesus, is lying and provoking murder.

And the new darling of the Christian Right, Mitt Romney, has responded in a way similar to Terry Jones – with lies and provocation.

At this moment, we pray for the family of Chris Stevens and the other American diplomats murdered last night.

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22 Replies to “Wonder how Terry Jones feels this morning?”

  1. My only hope is that Fox and Republicans do not start connecting this event with Iran. Israel’s gov’t is also ramping up rhetoric about needing to bomb Iran. We don’t need to fight another war to save Israeli’s bacon, especially when they are still building settlements in the West Bank like crazy (crazy emphasized!). My only question to Israel is, “if you want to do it, go ahead and do it. Don’t keep trying to pull the U.S into it”.

  2. Yet do you not think that those who were supposedly antagonized could have chosen NOT to attack? You make it seem like the Muslims were justfiedin their murderous rage. Muslims have the ability to freely choose yet they did not use that freedom to just let it go, they chose to kill.

    100% of the blame lies with the people making the choice. Terry jones did not force the Muslims to attack or kill. He has the right to publicize the movie if he wants to. If people want to be a better man than Mr. Jones maybe they should practice turning the other cheek instead of getting angry and sining.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the part about the fire ants. If it is in their religion to attack when provoked, and you provoke them, why are your surprised when they do what their belief tells them to do?

      Ummm… never said they were justified… said the opposite.

      I guess you are defending Jones?

      1. I read it and it was an apples v. oranges argument. Animals have instinct not free choice, religion does not remove that right or freedom.

        The word coming down is that this attack was a planned assault and not one ‘incited’ by the movie or those promoting it so your assault on those you blame is a rush to judgement and hatred in action.

        i am not defending Jones just protecting his rights from gestapo people like you.

    1. This news article goes into further detail and explains the very tenuous Terry Jones connection. HT: Twitter retweet by Joel L. Watts!

      It looks like the real filmmaker is in breach of probation conditions by using YouTube. So I guess he should be sent to jail for that, and the Muslim fundies might calm down.

          1. Morsi…
            ” I represent all the Egyptian people, I deprecate and I stand against whoever tries to abuse or exercise abuse of any kind against our prophet or any of the Islamic holy sites.”
            He had asked Obama to “to put an end to such behavior.”

            “A day earlier, the Egyptian cabinet had called on the Obama administration to take legal action against those responsible,”

            In a new statement Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party reiterated the demand :“The U.S. must enforce the laws firmly and punish those who produce and promote such abusive material,.”


          1. but in the world there are mad people as Mr Jones so how do you want to prevent the damage made by them?
            do you want to limit the freedom of speech with laws and penalties?

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