Women should not Teach Men

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Scott writes,

I’m not going to spell out all my biblical and theological reasons. Rather I’ll point you to my plethora of posts here.

Oh good, because the last thing I need to hear are facts and an honest discussion. Nope. I don’t care about context, or the original languages, or history or anything. I want to be able to read my bible and see what it tells me (which, ironically enough is everything that I believed already).

But, Scott does have an interesting story to tell:

Women Teaching Men | The Prodigal Thought.

I am not for experientionalism or whatever it is called that doesn’t put a red, squiggly line under the word that I am trying to use to mean that I don’t like doctrine by experience.

But in my own experience, I did not burst into flames or have a meltdown the first time I ‘sat under’ a woman teacher, which is odd given that ever other (theological-praxis) change brought that sort of meltdown

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  1. Joel –

    Thanks for the ping back, but I am not sure if you are challenging me or not, or if you are challenging me, how? Sorry, I can easily miss things. 🙂

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