Women Have No Place in the (Literature of the) Body of Christ

Obviously Fuller Theological Seminary, or some section of it, requires a gender-inclusive translation (Either the NRSV or the TNIV, and may I recommend the NLT by some chance?). No, not the kind that makes God a girl, but the kind which logically uses ‘brothers and sisters’ for the audience when it would have been called for and the such.

In response the question of why, Daniel Kirk writes,

To the overall question, why require a gender-inclusive translation? My overall answer is this: to keep transforming the culture of the church until we actually believe (and therefore act like) that women and men are equal members of the body of Christ, equally addressed by the word of God, and equally empowered by the Spirit to serve in it (and therefore lead it).

via Storied Theology ยป Language and Social Programming.

I imagine that he will soon be ran out on the rails, burned at the stake, or perhaps made to watch John Piper while reading the ESV for a few years…

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