Wise words from T. Michael Law

Your daddy feels he has a duty to (contribute to the attempt to) re-shape the debate so that there’s a fighting chance you can grow up in a safer world. I have no idea if we’ll ever move back to the US to be closer to your cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles, but if we do, I don’t want to have the conversation with you that one of my best friends, Kyle McDaniel, is having with his kids today as he sends them off to school. For that reason, I will not stop talking about values that are important to me even if some don’t like it, and even if some misinterpret my motives. Your father is a very politically-minded person, because he feels deeply that politics matter, and that political ideas will shape the world you will live in.

A Letter to my daughter | ※timothy michael law↙.

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