Will the South Rise Again as the Beast? (Rev. 17.9)

Official seal of City of Richmond
Official seal of City of Richmond – That’s the great whore right there

“Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits” – Rev. 17.9

This comes from two sources. First, we are reading through Revelation in Sunday School class; the other, this verse was mentioned via my Facebook wall on Saturday night.

Is Rome, i.e., the Roman Catholic Church, the only the city sitting on seven hills? Well, no.

Richmond, Virginia is as well. Further, there was a time called itself the New Rome. So, there you go.

Richmond, Virginia is clearly the city John envisions when he writes 17.9.


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5 Replies to “Will the South Rise Again as the Beast? (Rev. 17.9)”

  1. Ah, the lengths you West Virginians will go to to justify your rebellion against your divinely ordained state government and your treachery against the Confederacy!

  2. Yea, got it. Know you’re not a “end of times” Revelation guy. But I always ask myself why these people don’t take seriously Rev1:1, when they are so “this is the worst of all possible times”. I see way too many of them in my own church. They had a class once, covering David Jeremiah’s “what in the World is Going On?”, and my blood pressure was high for a month. Worse quote, God gave the Israelites all the land from Israel to the Tigris, Euphrates, meaning the current Israel has land rights today for all of the Mid East, Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. and the class sits there and nods their heads like this is a rational position. Yikes!

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