Will N.T. Wright become Methodist when the Church of England disappears?

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According to new reports, unless the CoE have a radical campaign to recruit members, they will forever vanish soon enough:

In the last 40 years the number of adult churchgoers has fallen by half while the number of children regularly worshipping in public declined by 80 per cent, the study says….

….The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has acknowledged that the Church must devote more energy to increasing the number of regular worshippers over the next five years….

“This decline in membership, and the accompanying rise in average age, means that fewer people are becoming disciples of Jesus Christ, and that the Church is able to have less impact and influence in the public realm, both nationally and in the transformation of local communities,” it says.

“We are faced with a stark and urgent choice: do we spend the next few years managing decline, or do we go for growth?

“In other words, do we accept the continual numerical decline of the Church of England as inevitable, or do we dare to believe a different future, that God might want his Church to grow, in holiness and in numbers?” (here)

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8 Replies to “Will N.T. Wright become Methodist when the Church of England disappears?”

  1. I think the Methodist church in England is declining faster than the CoE. In fact I believe there are ruminations about them joining together.

  2. The fact that fewer people are believing in an invisible sky-god that watched earth spin for 4 1/2 billion years before deciding to personally trot around the ancient Middle East for the purpose of appearing before an unenlightened, most uneducated and illiterate, superstitious, pre scientific bunch of peasants and allowing them to hang him to a tree and savagely beat himself to death in the most disgusting, sickening manner possible so that a ridiculous blood sacrifice could be offered for some kind of Stone Age atonement for ‘sins’, seems just incredible!

    Gee, Joel, I just can’t imagine why belief in that kind of Neanderthal lunacy is declining.

    1. It’s actually not declining… And your characterization of religion is just laughable..

      ‘pre-science’? As if anything ‘before’ ‘science’ didn’t matter?

    2. Geezu mr faith in your truth. Not all Christians are fundies you know. Try reading a little modern theology perhaps – try Lloyd Geering. Try talking to real people about what they believe, not just your Texan dyslexic cowboys who lookalotlike Bush. Try understanding that ‘faith’ does not necessarily contradict the natural order of things or science. Ever heard of Secular Christianity? You’ve got some catching up to do. Ever heard of an agnostic Methodist Minister who has his own parish in England with like minded parishioners? I know one very well. He’s a very good friend. I’m not a Christian, and I’ve never been religious or believed in any god ideas at all, but I’m not an ignorant fungusmentalist atheist either.

  3. That “characterization” of Christianity is pretty well spot on to what the gospels teach and to what most Christians believe.

    The Pope believes that asinine lunacy, and how many people does he represent?
    Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal and hundreds of members of the U.S. congress also believe that superstitious garbage, or at least profess to.
    Would you call those people fundies, Steph?

    And gee, Steph, what a shame that your writing is even more ridiculous than your picture.

    What percentage of Christians do you think reject the belief that a cosmic god-man trotted around the ancient Middle East two thousand years ago and was savagely beaten to death as a human blood sacrifice for the sins of mankind?

    And gosh!!, Steph, you mean there are actually people who call themselves Christian who don’t literally accept the fundamental doctrines of Christianity? What astonishing news! And you have a “friend” who is a secular Christian?
    Well, give yourself a cookie!! You must be so proud of yourself.

    “fungusmentalist atheist”. Bwahahahahahahaha!!! What a knee slapper!! Did you think of that before or after the Vagisil?

    1. ToF – insult another commentator and I’ll ban you. Period.

      First, the Pope believes a lot differently than the current crop of Republican candidates. Those are true fundamentalists, although Romney is Mormon and their belief is different than the average fundamentalists.

      Actually, in reading your comment, it is disgusting and beyond hope. You are banned.

  4. Actually I have done alot of research on what people believe over a number of years. It is what I have chosen to do as part of my career. I have an active interest in finding commonalities in the good of us all in order to cultivate more humanistic empathy amongst us all for the future of humanity and the planet. Twenty years in fact I have been researching religious belief. That commenter has a very narrow worldview, focused on a portion of bliblically illiterate American fundamentalists. There is widespread agnosticism, secular religion, a recognised “Secular Christianity” particularly in England, New Zealand and Australia, belief that does not contradict the natural order of things, and this probably represents the majority of Christianity in the western world. But the commenter’s sense of language and logic is equivalent to an American fundamentalist and his anti religious prejudice cripples any critical assessment of evidence in the rest of the world. I have many friends who are Christians, even Muslims, Jews and none of them are fundamentalists. Many of them, have ‘faith’ but are agnostic and their faith never contradicts science. Thank god people are open minded – it’s just a shame there are those that aren’t.

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