Why would you oppose biblical principles?

biblical principles

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8 Replies to “Why would you oppose biblical principles?”

  1. Some Christians have read so little of the Bible that what they have read could be printed on business card – front and back to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    1. It’s not quantity that is often the issue. It’s quality of understanding. The average Christian in America has been fed the Bible in little sound bytes their entire life through half-truthed, feel good sermons and has never been given the appropriate exegetical tools to actually read Scripture and derive value from it appropriately. Without such tools, reading the Bible alone in isolation is proving to be destructive.

  2. I think I’ve had this conversation, if you throw in protecting kids from bullying to the things we don’t have to do, and making people pray in public to the things we do need to do.

  3. The Bible is being worshiped more than Jesus or God. Remember the Bible is only what has been approved by committee’s of men holding power due to their heredity. King James assembled a bunch of experts, all of which were living comfortable lives due to the wealth of the churches they worked for. Before that the monarchs of the church tossed out or burned documents that could call into question their rights to own land and be fed by others labors. Myself, I see the Bible as a great example of folkloric myth.

    1. Dennis, that’s simply not true and doesn’t make the best use of the facts. Scripture, what is commonly called “the bible” existed before King James. We actually have really good history on how the canon (or various canons) came to be as well as a fountain of other works preserved through the ages.

      Yes, however, people do to tend to worship “the bible” although in reality, it is themselves and how they choose to read the Text.

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