Why we don’t care about West, Texas

See this:


We are regularly told this is the cost of doing business. This is capitalism. This is what makes ‘Murica great. It is not that white people died by the hands of other white guys, but that they died because of the free markets that we don’t care.

After all, what have we done with the other industrial tragedies lately? Upper Big Branch, the BP Horizon, others? We didn’t care when it was Bangladesh and Wal-Mart.

Dead workers is the price of doing business. And America is all about business.


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13 Replies to “Why we don’t care about West, Texas”

  1. Profits, profits, profits…
    History repeats itself continually.

  2. One should bother to learn the truth about Bopal before spreading news that may or may not be true. I and many of my friends know what really caused this terrible event but various media and government entities have done an excellent job of hiding the facts. Suffice it to say that the incident was not an accident and no American managers were responsible.

    1. There’s always a conspiracy. There’s always a numerological answer. There’s always some foreign malevolence to blame. It couldn’t be American corporate greed. No, that would be unthinkable. Have fun in your tinfoil hat, Skid. I’m very happy to be ignorant of your ‘truth’.

  3. Ian and others,
    I know all about corporate greed and hate it as much or more than you but there is no conspiracy about Bopal here. I am a ChE who worked on the design of certain parts of the sister plant of Bopal and in fact on the morning of the event in India was scheduled for a safety review of our plant. Some of my best friends worked on the start up of the plant in India but unfortunately were kicked out by India. I know what happened and why, which I suspect you do not. There seems to be reason to believe that greed is involved in the Texas explosion but I wouldn’t make any accusations until the final reports are in. I worked for 42 years in a chemical plant that handled probably more highly toxic chemicals than any other and I certainly saw cases where some made less than proper decisions concerning safety, as I spent the last 15 years reviewing safety plans and incident reviews. I don’t stick my head in the sand and I don’t jump on a band wagon when I don’t have the facts. As the old saw goes, you should know what happens when you assume something and I hope I haven’t made this mistake concerning your comment as well as the comments of others.

    1. So why use a forum like this to promote your conspiracy theory? I’ve met folks online who’ve claimed to have been PhD scientists in on the alien conspiracy. Folks who claim the whole of established physics is a cover-up and only a select few know the truth. That 9/11 was an inside job, and they know because they are a structural engineer and buildings don’t collapse like that. And so on, and so on. Everyone thinks their conspiracy theory is true and (most of) the others are false.

      Regardless of whether you are true or not, you must surely realise how common wild conspiracy theories are in random corners of the internet. Basic common sense should indicate that showing up with your first comment is going to do nothing but torpedo your credibility.

  4. Ian,
    I think you need to go back and read what I wrote with more care. I’m not really sure what kind of conspiracy you think I am promoting. I am about as anti conspiracy as anyone you could know and I seldom take hard positions without being reasonably certain of the facts. Accusing me of believing in a conspiracy theory without facts can be seen as every bit as bad as any conspiracy theory by many thinking individuals. You could find the facts on Bopal if you would take the time but I suspect you would only believe what fits with your thinking as there are plenty of lies and conspiracy theories floating about, many just repeating reports that fit their thinking.

  5. “I’m not really sure what kind of conspiracy you think I am promoting.”

    “I and many of my friends know what really caused this terrible event but various media and government entities have done an excellent job of hiding the facts”

    conspiracy theory: an explanation for an event as being caused or concealed by powerful conspirators

  6. OK, I can see from your point of view what I said about the media, etc might be considered a conspiracy theory. However in my mind a conspiracy theory requires that an opinion is expressed without facts to substantiate the claim. You seem to be of the opinion that the media activists and the government of India did not publish misinformation designed to shift blame for the accident. I am aware of facts that disprove this so I don’t believe my statement falls under the definition I have of a conspiracy theory. Like everyone else, you can define the facts as you please and I have no power to change that so I doubt any further comment on my part will be of any use. BTW, I didn’t bring up the subject of Bhopal in these comments.

    1. There are *always* purported facts, huge quantities of them, and always opinion from those claiming to be experts. The process of building a conspiracy theory is quite fascinating, and (to bring things back to the topic of this blog) in some ways entangled with the way faith constructs narratives. I’m not saying all religion is a conspiracy theory, but some religious narratives can have the same form.

    2. Skid, “BTW, I didn’t bring up the subject of Bhopal in these comments”….
      But I did. Let me see if I got this right. You have evidence of the cause of the deaths of 8000 people, and you either keep it secret, or you do not address it directy to the authorities. If you were in a position of authority on safety at the plant, you should have an outlet for getting the truth out, whatever that is. The fact that you have not, indicates to me that this is a lot of hot air. I would suggest it was a simple, but hirrible, example, of cost cutting on safety, to increase profits. Sort of like having Homer Simpson monitoring the dials on a nuclear power plant. Minimum wage, minimum training, minimum backup systems, all to increase profits.

  7. Gary,
    I had planned to drop this discussion but your assumptions need at least a short reply. There is no need to tell the authorities since all is public knowledge, some true and some untrue. You can research this online and you will believe what you want and I can’t change that. I would suggest Wiki as a good place to start. I worked in and around a MIC production unit and am very familiar with what may or may not happen. In your mind this makes me an unreliable source. Before the incident, the Indian owners had removed the American engineers out and since I know these engineers quite well I am quite sure they would never take all release prevention equipment out of service while MIC was still in storage. I cannot comment on why the Indian engineers did what they did, an action that allowed this tragedy to happen. You have your opinion and I have mine and we are free to think what we like but we should make sure we have considered all the proposed facts before we offer our opinion.

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