Why Theological Education?

He has a lot of reasons but this is interesting:

2. Why do we need theological education?

a) for the spiritual health of churches, and the Christians in them. Knowledge and learning are not the whole of what it means to grow spiritually in the NT, but they are certainly major components of spiritual health and growth. Paul spends three years teaching the Ephesian elders, for example. Jesus gives the apostles 40 days – Peter’s Acts 2 sermon didn’t come out of nowhere!

b) for effectiveness in mission Once again, being well thought-through and informed is not the be-all and end-all of mission. But it sure helps! Paul is determined to ‘take every thought captive’ for the sake of the gospel of Christ (for example). And if we believe that the gospel applies accross cultures and times then we commit ourselves to the difficult work of contextualisation.

via The Blogging Parson: Why Theological Education?.

Agreed. We need good theological education to the lay, and clergy in often cases.

In my opinion, it is the duty of those trained to do so to teach others in their congregation and anyone else who wants to listen. While certainly, the pastor could, and maybe should, the duty of this shouldn’t always fall on the pastor’s shoulders. Maybe then we wouldn’t have the aberrant views which many seem to hold today. Baptists, I’m looking at you.

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