Why Peter Enns dissed Adam

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I know many Christians who understand the scientific issues and are convinced that evolution explains human origins. They are looking for ways to read the Adam story differently. Many more others—at least this is my experience—are open to the discussion, but are not ready simply to pull the trigger on evolution. They first need to see for themselves that the Adam story can be read with respect and reverence but without needing to read it as a literal account of human origins. Both groups are thinking hermeneutically, though they approach the issue from different sides.

via Behind the Book: Peter Enns’s The Evolution of Adam.

Not really… I mean the title. Has actual no bearing on the article or the book. Dr. Enns is one of the more forward thinking Christians today and deserves to be commended for his work.

He blogs here.

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2 Replies to “Why Peter Enns dissed Adam”

  1. With all due respect to those that believe differently, I don’t understand why people would look at a book written before modern science and try and find scientific truths in it.

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