Why Mondays?

mondayEvery now and then I post to Facebook about my love of Mondays. It garners some groans along the way. But why Mondays?

I do love every day of the week, actually. Sundays for worship with the family of God, and every other day for living in God’s creation.

Mondays? Well, Mondays do not mean some return to routine — because, well, let’s face it. We even have routine on Saturday and Sundays. But it does mean a new week at work and a new week at school. It is a start-over of sorts. It is wide-open, and how we reach Friday is a mystery.

Mondays are awesome the first day of the work week, for me. That means I have a job. I go to work and do my diligence in earning my pay. It is not always easy, but not everything is. For me, Mondays means that I am going to provide for my family, for my future, and in some way, help others.

So, on this Monday, or you Monday, enjoy it. Not everyone has one.

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One Reply to “Why Mondays?”

  1. I guess everything is relative. When I was working in Israel, we would have to fly there in time to start work bright and early, on the first day of the work week, Sunday. But then we got Friday and Saturday off. Kind of messes with your mind for a short time, until you get use to it. But, as Joel says, “That means I have a job,” which beats the alternative.

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