Why is it that Rome always get the short end of the stick with the Hitler thing?

At Defending. Contending. they have taken this Reformation Day to point out the evils of Rome. Here are some which are just delightful:





Of course, in fairness here, a lot of Protestants supported Hitler as well – wonder where those pictures are?

I mean, does anyone remember why the Theological Declaration of Barmen was signed? It was because large number of Protestants were supporting Hitler. I wonder why D.C. left that out? Oh, and the best picture? A Cardinal (I assume it’s a Cardinal) eating dinner with President Obama. Take a wild guess at what that is mean to engender. And heaven help us if the Pope, has a head of state and a major religious leader on this planet (although I am not Catholic, and see no intrinsic value of the Papacy, the man still has power) actually meets with with world political and religious leaders of the world.

Some people need to stop living in the 16th century.

By the way, Rome is not innocent of such things as the Inquisition, just wish people would be a bit more equitable and honest in their slamming of others.

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6 Replies to “Why is it that Rome always get the short end of the stick with the Hitler thing?”

  1. Sigh …

    This is what passes for modern discourse. “Modern,” in this case, being antithetical to “honest.”

    One presents a set of facts, carefully leaving out other ones, and then extrapolates over the other information. This is what happens on talk radio, far too many blogs, and it comes from far too many Christians who think that honesty is less important than making a point and winning an argument.

    Yes, the Vatican enabled the Nazis in many ways. As you note, so did a lot of Protestants. Rather than finger-pointing, we should be making sure that nothing like this EVER happens again.

    Rather, it’s used as fodder for dishonest debate. Sadly, dishonest debate runs afoul of that whole “do not bear false witness” thing.

    Shameless and disgusting.

    (In case anyone wonders, I’m not a Catholic, either! Not by a long shot.)

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