Why is it, if the Tomb does (doubtful) picture Jonah that it points to Christianity?

Prof. April DeConick concludes,

With this find, we have some type of Jew in the first century for whom the Jonah story made sense within the context of death. So I am moving in the direction that we may be seeing here evidence of an early Christian-Jewish tomb.

Why? The Resurrection of Christianity was picked up from Jewish sources who had no need to believe in the Resurrection of Christ. I mean, look at Wisdom of Solomon for instance. Or the Qumran, where you will find only the text of Jonah and no real reference to it. The earliest we find reference to Jonah is in Matthew and Luke, which are both, at the earliest, from the last quarter of the 1st Century CE.

Let’s say that all the doctored photos aren’t and that money and neurosis is not playing a part in seeing the Tomb as related to the Resurrection… where does this point to Christianity? Absolutely nowhere.

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