Why do you call me good?

Luke 18:18 Now  a certain ruler  asked him“Good teacherwhat must I do to inherit eternal life?   18:19 Jesus  said to him“Why do you call me good?  No one is good except God alone. 


The suggestion in some commentaries is that Jesus is pointing them in the direction of his true nature – that is, “you realise that you are calling me God, because God is the only one who is good?”

But I wonder.. is he saying in fact, “I am not “good”, I am human just like you.. only God is perfect”.

Note that there is a difference between “sinless” (in relationship with God) and being “good” (upright and honourable). It seems to me Jesus is actually saying, look, I understand its hard, I’m not perfect, I find it hard too.. but it can be done, and I am doing it, follow me.

Just sayin…

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