Why aren’t we overjoyed at this news? #aids #hiv @DavidBartonWB

Bone marrow embolus
Bone marrow embolus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two men who had grueling bone marrow treatments for cancer are enjoying a happy side effect: They appear free of the AIDS virus, researchers reported on Wednesday. (here)

In reading many of the comments around the various forums where this news is announced, people are coming down one on of two sides. Either they are celebrating the cessation of the need for condoms or they are angry that this has happened. Why, I wonder?

Throughout the late 80’s and 90’s, AIDs was preached as a sign from God, “revealed from heaven against all ungodliness”. Well, not by all, but by many Evangelicals. They would no doubt turn to Romans 1.18–32 to pronounce this as the judgment from God. You will hear this even today in some arenas. David Barton, master abater of history, says,

There’s a passage that I love in Romans 1 – I don’t love what the topic is – but it talks about homosexuality and it says that they will receive in their bodies the penalties of their behavior. And the Bible again, it’s right every time, and studies keep proving that and that’s why AIDS has been something they haven’t discovered a cure for or a vaccine for, because it’s the fastest self-mutating virus known to mankind. Every time they just about get a vaccine discovered for it, it transmutes into something new and they have to start over again. And that goes to what God says, hey you’re going to bear in your body the consequences of this homosexual behavior.

There is so much wrong here, but that is not the topic of this post. If this is really a judgement from God (please read these last three words in a deep, booming voice), and if ‘man’ defeated it (or, if we are on our way to defeating it and I mean curing it rather than using condoms to prevent it), then are we not more powerful than the god who first gave us this judgement?

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4 Replies to “Why aren’t we overjoyed at this news? #aids #hiv @DavidBartonWB”

  1. Wow. That’s terrible exegesis of Rom 1:18-32. Even if one (incorrectly) thinks this is Paul’s voice, one still must understand 1:18-32 in light of ch 2, which begins with “Well you can’t judge those queers cause you’re worse than them”

  2. Ahem!

    David Barton, “master abater of history”?

    I believe that the kids would say “I see what you did there.”

    Anyway … I’ve known people who really buy into this wrath-of-God theory and said that there would never be a cure or real treatment (and thus we should stop or we’re defying God, of course).

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