Why am I not a gay atheist?

Vitz also holds that many notable believers — Renaissance man Blaise Pascal, anti-slavery activist William Wilberforce and Nazi martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer, among others — had great relationships with their dads, and were therefore more able to build relationships with God.

“We need to understand atheism has a lot to do with our emotional attitudes towards life, other people and a lot of other things,” Vitz said from his office at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences, a Catholic graduate school in Arlington, Va. “I think that is an important thing for atheists and believers alike to take into consideration.”

Did your absentee father make you an atheist? | Religion News Service.

There is always correlation between this or that. You can draw the image you desire and if you can use enough words, make your audience believe it.

While I do believe there is a correlation between our view of authority and our view of God, I do not believe we can so easily attribute the ills of society to either a bad father or an absentee father. We could just as easily contribute the rise in absentee/abusive fathers (and/or mothers) to the rise in Christian fundamentalism that has driven many people away from the faith.

The person who donated half of my genetic material was often times absent, other times abusive. Yet, I am neither gay nor an atheist. While the book does not say all will end up atheist or gay, the science is shaky at best, and the more so when stacked up against those who know better.

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