Who paid for James Eagan Holmes’ gear? #aurora

James Eagan Holmes gear

This stuff isn’t cheap. From several reports, Holmes purchases this in the last few months, while being unemployed.

According to one friend of his, the height of his employment history is working at McDonald’s. That is minimum wage – this gear, at the very least, cost about $10,000.

Plus, we know that his home was booby trapped with explosives.

Where did he get all of this money?

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18 Replies to “Who paid for James Eagan Holmes’ gear? #aurora”

  1. I have seen several persons post a picture of a concealed weapon stating one person carrying one of those could have stopped this. Dressed as he was, is this reality? It would have caused them to get themselves killed as well.

  2. i have been thinking the same thing—he must have gotten help somewhere
    or perhaps he used his student loans
    but — call me a cospiracist theorist— i suspect these mass shootings have help
    and planning other than the perp…….

  3. A no-frills M&P AR is around $1000-1200, A Glock pistol is around $550 so thats $1100 for two. The 870 is maybe $600. So we’re into guns for $3400, tops. This is assuming they were purchased new and not used..many gun stores sell used guns.

    6000 rounds of ammo, which is what theyre hysterically claiming he had, depending on the ammo, can be around $300/1m..so thats around $1800. That brings us to $5200. A used PASGT helmet is $100 offa eBay, a surplus mask is $50. Relatively decent body armour is a grand. The rest of the SWAT gear comes offa eBay or similar venue for less than $600.

    Way I see it, the maximum amount this cost was $6k. In fact, it was probably less because when the media uses words like ‘ballistic leggings’ they have no idea what theyre talking about and are probably mixing up ‘ballistic nylon’ with ‘ballistic armour’.

    As for the armour, unless he went for the full Level IV ‘RoboCop’ package, his face and everything below his belt buckle would have been unarmored…shots to the groin/waist, shattering his pelvis, or to the face, would have stopped him almost immediately…certainly enough to stop him from continuing his actions. It is worth noting that the theater had a policy of no firearms allowed, so what really stopped someone from trying to defend themselves against this nutjob wasnt the body armour but rather the theaters policies.

    1. “so what really stopped someone from trying to defend themselves against this nutjob wasnt the body armour but rather the theaters policies.”

      Unless they have metal detectors, I don’t see this as being a deterrent, any more than people are deterred from bringing in snacks bought cheaper elsewhere.

  4. yeah, i’ve always thought arming more americans is a good idea..

    It would be great.. someone pulls out a gun, shoots the shooter, someone else sees someone shooting, pulls out a gun and shoots them, the police come in and see people shooting each other and shoot them..

    sounds fan-flippin-tastic.. keep up the good work America..

  5. And their country is so stuffed to the gills with guns that they spill out into other countries, Canada for instance.

    1. actually arming citizens keeps crime at bay…in australia-shen guns were outlawed crime went up because the criminals knew that people had no way of defending themselves….our media only publishes stories of gun crimes but does not publish stories where crimes were prevented because someone had a gun- and usually the crime was stopped because the criminal saw the gun- no shots fired.

      govts know they can best control people when the citizens are unarmed and that is when those govts become overbearing and oppressive.

        1. I concur. There is no evidence at all of this (except from the american pro gun lobbyists).
          There is however, a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

      1. “actually arming citizens keeps crime at bay”. What do you get when 50 armed Australians have unlimited access to Fosters in a bar? Homicide. What do you get when you have 50 college students armed at a frat party (any country)? Homicide. I’ve seen plenty of fights at college football games. I shudder to think what would happen if they are all armed. “Duck and cover, to quote an old 50’s saying”.

  6. He most likely has a credit card debt of 10 or 15K. Also reports have been that he had a govt. grant rather than a loan. Maybe we can blame the govt.

    1. I’d think a grant would be mostly spent at this point in the academic year. Also, they aren’t that big. PhD students aren’t known for lavish lifestyles.

      I think it more likely he put it on plastic, knowing it’d never be paid back.

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