Who is Apostolic? The Church or the Christian

This is not a book review, but one can be found here. The book did, however, get me thinking about the word ‘apostolic.’

First, let me state that I see the Church as the collective body of individual Christians. I have a relatively high view of the Church for my background, and see the Church differently than some of my fellowship peers.

The use of the word ‘Apostolic’ originated with Ignatius, as did the word ‘catholic;’ however,  apostolic was used to dictate the character, or manner, of Ignatius’ letter writing campaign.

Like most things, Tradition, History, and Politics have a way of warping the intended function of a word, or replacing the function of a word with an meaning completely foreign to the first use of the word.

I can use the word ‘apostolic’ when describing a whole host of things, but not the Church nor the Faith. The Faith is Jesus Christ, as is the Church. The Apostles did not preach themselves but the Jesus Christ.

If we understand the word ‘Apostle’ to mean ‘one sent’ and we rightly should, we have to then apply that meaning to the Church. The Apostles were sent from Jesus Christ into the world to harvest souls into the Church. The Church herself was not sent. The Church is who we are sent for.

So, why do so many who claim to hold to the doctrine of the Apostles call their congregations Apostolic? Do they think that there is some magical ability if they claim that their doctrine is like the Apostles?

Just some passing thoughts on this word. It seems to me that the only thing apostolic are the people, if we bring the Gospel to the world.

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