Who cares about Fantasy Football… We have Fantasy Jesus Teams

The question is simple… What two living scholars would you like to see on a Historical Jesus studies team?

You also have to give a rationale.

I would like to name Mark and John, but it is clear that the heretics wouldn’t like just sticking with da bible. So, fine:

I would like to name ]], ]] as my first choice. The reason is, is that he goes after the most direct route: the letters of Paul. He is a historian first and foremost. In my opinion, Paul counts about as much as a first generation witness as anyone else we have. Although, not an eyewitness.

The second name, like unto the first, is ]], a Classics professor at the University of Chicago. Her work on the time period, especially ideology in writing, and the like, I think would help with determining certain rabbit hunts in the Gospel as historical or literary.

Unlike Akenson, I believe Mark does provide us something of a bare-naked glimpse into the Historical Jesus. I would contend that the exorcism im Mark 9 is historical, making Jesus a ritual exorcist rather than what we would like to think we see.

Anyway, those are my two choices. Head over to that link and leave your choices.

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