Who Am I to Judge the Jesus Freak

On the Message, Sirius’ answer to Lady Gaga, they have something called ‘Changing Tracks’ which allows you to call in, give a song, and tell you how that song changed their life. Great. Wonderful.

The story was…. was that this woman was struggling with her faith. She heard this song and liked it. Later, she heard her daughter listening to it and she liked it as well. During this experience, she and her daughter, and her mum, was leaving to go somewhere. She closed the program. The song continued to play. She closed the computer. The song continued to play.

I was rolling my eyes so much so, as that while I was driving I was swerving. It was awful.

I felt guilty. She wasn’t espousing bad doctrine or theology. She was telling her moment, her experience in which her struggling faith was seemingly answered.

That’s great! Why would I judge that so harshly?!

Frankly, I count it a win. She was struggling. She asked from above. And it was given.

I guess that I don’t care.

Also, I think the song is stupid.

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