Who Accepted Who?

I am a pet kinda guy. Not so much dogs; more like cats. Cats are just awesome, and if you can rescue a cat, they are even more awesome. Anyway… I saw this bumper sticker recently and it got me to thinking:

One of the phrases which I would love to ban is “I accepted Jesus into my heart.” I find such statements simply ludicrous. Who are we to judge Christ as acceptable? Do we have to accept the work of Christ on the Cross in order to gain salvation?  I would think not.

Who Accepted Who?

That’s why a hope of universal reconciliation is possible…

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2 Replies to “Who Accepted Who?”

  1. Joel, you may think not, but the Apostles Peter and Paul thought differently. True, they didn’t use the language of accepting Jesus. But in Acts 2:38 and Romans 10:9, for example, they taught that our salvation depends on our response to Jesus and to the message about him, that we have to accept that message and respond in our hearts and in our action.

    1. However, in Romans 5, as well as other sections points to a once for all event regardless of our response. Plus, a response is not necessarily acceptance.

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