While you’re looking the other way… Guess who is staying in Afghanistan

Two days of talks between U.S. and Afghan officials have yielded a partial security agreement between the two countries. Secretary of State John Kerry and President Hamid Karzai held discussions Friday and Saturday on a deal to keep the U.S. military in the country beyond the 2014 pullout date for most U.S. and NATO troops.

via U.S. Reaches Partial Deal To Keep Troops In Afghanistan : The Two-Way : NPR.

I’ve said this before — there are plenty of reasons to dislike the current administration’s policies. Personally, I dislike their neocon attitudes towards foreign policy.

A lot.

I mean, a lot.


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One Reply to “While you’re looking the other way… Guess who is staying in Afghanistan”

  1. Where’s the surprise? I would go so far as to suggest that one of the purposes of religion in American life is to brainwash the public into propping up the modern state of Israel. Whether Democrat or Republican, Washington politics as usual is quite often merely an extension of that agenda. For what it’s worth, so is much of what passes for mainstream news.
    In fact, if one digs a little deeper, one might even discover that the real purpose of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is to prevent a coalescence of populist nationalism from taking root among a dispossessed white populace. For all its puffery, the SPLC actually has much more in common with the hate groups it opposes than it does with the humanitarian ideals it purports of uphold.
    Furthermore, if one really gets into conspiracy theories, one could argue that the civil rights and equal rights movements are less about equality than they are a divide and conquer strategy. This also explains why the Second Amendment, once considered among the reasons why the United States won World War II and perhaps saved the European Jewish populace from utter annihilation, has suddenly become so controversial.
    The above may sound quite farfetched until one realizes that many of the American Founding Fathers entertained proto-fascist ideas. Among them was an aversion to democracy. Many of the methods employed in the Holocaust were eerily similar to what happened to the late 19th century Native American population. A cattle car ride to a de facto death camp is good example. More than a few of the Third Reich’s policies on breeding were borrowed from the early 20th century American eugenics movement. Forced sterilization of perceived undesirable is among them.
    More recently, in the realm of propaganda, an adulterous newspaper tycoon famously puffed a war avoiding college drifter into becoming America’s premier anti-communist pulpiter in capitalism’s war on godless communism. As in politics, money and religion make for strange bedfellows!

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