While you watch the refs return on Sunday… remember this

Around the world human traffickers trick many people into slavery by false promises of good jobs or good education, only to find themselves forced to work without pay, under the threat of violence. Trapped by phony debt, these slaves are hunted by local police and private security guards if they try to escape. Sometimes slaves don’t even understand that they’re enslaved, despite people working 16 or 17 hours a day with no pay. They’re simply used to it as something they’ve been doing their whole lives. Their bodies grow weak and vulnerable to disease, but they have nothing to compare their experience to.

via Slavery Still Exists – Lisa Kristine – The Atlantic.

I listened to the cast of Morning Joe this morning cheering the NFL’s bending to the will of the ref’s union due to the outcry of the fans. Because, I guess, that is what matters.

Our bread and┬ácircuses….

Maybe… just maybe some of you will do something in some small way… and the more so if you spent any time whatsoever caring if the real refs returned….

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5 Replies to “While you watch the refs return on Sunday… remember this”

  1. The question is–why do you expect non-christian news networks to apply christian thinking and principals to their operations?

    t.v. exists, like movies, to provide distractions from the real world. then, if they informed the nation of this cruel and sinful behavior, what would you expect the masses to do about the problem? boycott some country’s exports?

    what Spirit led plan do you have ready to implement if the people hear about this and want to do something?

    do you just want them to go tsk! tsk!? remember people have a choice and those who practice slavery have no qualms about using violence to defend their ‘business’, so are you going to arm every man, woman and child and have them risk their lives to solve this issue?

    I am just curious what you want to see happen when the people are notified

      1. No. Just wondering how you would organize those who become aware of the problem and want to do something. being made aware isn’t enough.

  2. I personally couldn’t care a bit about who the refs are. As regards the end of the game Monday, what was missed was an interference call and I have seen any number of hail Mary passes where obvious interference calls were not called. The refs were not very competent but the regular refs miss plenty of calls and the public will generally hold their tongues. Some of the blame belongs to the players and coaches who were trying to take advantage of the situation. As for the Morning Joe cast, I think we may be asking too much of an entertainment program.

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