Where Will the Anti-Catholicism of Jim and Jeremiah End?

Jim cites Jeremiah approvingly as saying:

Can you really call yourself #1 when it takes half a dozen people and one Catholic to match the efforts of one baptist pastor? @eJoelWatts

The scandal! The outrage! Are Catholics not people???

Jim has let his sour grapes poison his mind! Alas! Alas for Jim’s soul!  Alas for Jeremiah’s soul!!!

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22 Replies to “Where Will the Anti-Catholicism of Jim and Jeremiah End?”

  1. Are Catholics not people???

    No we’re not ‘regular’ people, we’re God’s little favourite children, unlike all you Protestants…..

    1. Sorry, Stuart, but Methodists are God’s People.

      When I was a child, I spake as a child… but now that I’ve grown, I became a Methodist

          1. What?

            I know what’s wrong. You’re anti-Catholic too.

            “I look to the mountain; from where will my help come?” Woe is me!

    1. Doug,
      I was under the impression he had a soul but that it was cold, dark and shriveled. But you could be right.
      So: Alas for Jim’s soul (assuming for the sake of argument that he has one)!!!

  2. Jim West is falling the way of Martin Luther in his day, and Calvinists today. After losing the public’s favor, they are now going back to where they come from, anti-Catholic rhetoric and all.

    Wait, that was from a baptist right?

  3. The Catholic Church has committed massive crimes

    So what are you all cackling about? It is obviously not what it claims.

    1. It is impossible for a mythical entity to commit crimes. People claiming to be Catholic or Christian have committed crimes. It is at it claims, if we do not let bigotry get in our way of seeing it

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