When you start off with the presupposition that nothing will convince you, then…

Jason has taken issue with mine and Dr. McGrath‘s posts on the discovery of ongoing evolution as pictured by the skink.

While Jason should feel free to comment on these things, I would really like to see his biology degree or his credentials in order to be able to state what exactly evolution is. Further, while he gives links to actual scientific entries, he only gives his opinion. Not the opinions of scientists or supported by actual facts, but only his opinion which he must hold on to in order for his views of Scripture and Theology to be correct. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that everyone must have a degree in order to comment on stories or the such, but just as I would like a medical doctor to comment on actual medicine or medical breakthroughs, I would like to see some actual evidence in what Jason suggests. Further, I note that Jason doesn’t actually deal with the science, but ridicules the results. For instance, his notion that scientists manipulated the results (red herring) is a little false. Read it again. What happened with yeast being flooded with water is similar to oh, you know, rain.

Jason also throws out a straw man in saying that a lizard is still a lizard. No one is saying otherwise, but given enough time, that lizard may indeed become a mammal or who knows, a bigger lizard. Or maybe it will be the next platypus. I am unsure his beef with the new organism… After all, the relationship is not one sided, but the animal serves to protect the plant as it produces sugars. Again, not sure his point… Now, where does this come into play at? Ahh…. yes… mitochondrial DNA.

The problem with Creationists is that Creationists feel free to dispute anything that they want by simply saying “nope, not true.” This is the pseuodo-science we have from Ken Ham… ignore, deflect, and houses of straw.

I hope that Jason takes into consideration that he is still approaching this issue very, very subjectively. Perhaps he would take the time to examine the evidence, not as something that ‘contradicts’ the ‘bible’ but as evidence apart from himself. Perhaps then he will see that God is still creating.

I have no issue with evolution because Scripture doesn’t actually speak about origins. Further, I believe that God doesn’t have to tell us anything about how or what he has done, is doing, or will do.

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4 Replies to “When you start off with the presupposition that nothing will convince you, then…”

      1. Yes, his post is very saddening, showing that he has failed to grasp the basics of modern biology. It disheartens me to see such things in the best of cases. But when someone is poorly informed about biology and yet makes confident proclamations about it, that is so much worse.

        1. That is indeed my point. I understand that a non-technical person (of which I am when it comes to science, although I do watch the Big Bang Theory) but there is a difference between posting presuppositions and diverse, but educated, opinions.

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