When the flag is bigger than the cross

I passed this today in Morgantown…





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9 Replies to “When the flag is bigger than the cross”

  1. What cross? I don’t see one. I see a swarm of idols … I mean, … symbols of secular nationalism … I mean, … flags.

    … but I don’t see a cross at all. Maybe I’m missing something?

  2. Basically, you’re witnessing an emergence of neo-fascism in which Godandcountry are synonymous. As with the original fascism, it is a reaction to democracy that deep pocket promoters believe no longer serves their ends. Also, like the Nazi version, this version of fascism promotes notions of ethnic superiority. To this end, the fact that Apostolics are a sect of Pentecostals further suggest belief in Anglo-Israelism and perhaps even ties to the Christian Identity movement.

  3. I didn’t realize that a innocent demonstration of patriotism on the part of some simpletons would mean so much… The only thing right about this was already mentioned in a comment above: there isn’t really any cross, and the name of this post: “flag is bigger than even an non-existing flag.” The valid issue is, should this emphasis to patriotism over the emphasis on the cross be accepted in a Christian Church?
    There is no nazi-fascism more evident than “intellectually” suspect anyone’s motives as it is the very thing that leads to the thought police whereby the worst assumptions and conclusions are always drawn from any public manifestation of deep feelings of love, dedication to family, God, freedoms and country.

    1. “…demonstration of patriotism on the part of some simpletons…” seems to be more a case of the pot calling the kettle black than anything else.

  4. I agree, but I don’t agree that every patriot is a pagan. Thanking God for the country you were born is not the same as worshiping the country you were born. thanking God is still theistic.
    Overall I oppose to any idolization of an earthy realm. The Brazilian National Anthem says twice “adored (which in Portuguese is the same as worship) Land, art thou Brazil” and I have always criticized that phrase since that kind of adoration is due unto God alone. But it doesn’t mean that everyone who sings the Brazilian National Anthem with pride is a “country worshiping pagan”. I see many Christians in the left using the expression “mother earth” and “fingers crossed” and the former is as pagan as it gets and the latter is as rooted in the occult as it gets… These are far worse than placing a flag at the church doors, but gladly accepted. Getting out more is always helpful to understand why people do what they do and how to tolerate it without taking their motivation the worst extreme possible, unless clearly stated as they are in the other societal issues plaguing America today.

    1. To the tune of a certain childlike singsong:

      I’m more patriotic that you are,
      I’m more patriotic than you.
      I’m more patriotic than you
      ‘Cause my flag’s bigger,
      I’m more patriotic than you.

      Flying a flag at church is one thing. Having one covering the entire front portico and having many more lining the driveway is something else altogether.

      America presently suffers from a John Wayne syndrome. Having avoided military service during World War II, Marion Morrison later puffed his onscreen John Wayne persona into a super patriot buffoon. It’s a lot like someone singing the Star Spangled Banner louder than anyone else standing around the piano.

      The John Wayne mentality is rampant among today’s conservatives. Rightwing preachers – along with other clergy, have been exempt (the Vietnam-era 4-D Minister of religion or divinity student status) from military service – are, along with flag waving politicians, numbered among the most odious cowards. They tend to be a little to brave with other people’s lives.

      A universal (female, male, transgender, etc.) conscription of anyone ages 18 to 45 – similar to the draft that was in effect during part of World War II, but with no able-bodied exemptions this time around – would get rid of a lot of this phony rightwing Godandcountry crap!

      If Christian rightwingers want a holy war on terror with Islam, then put the cross bearers on the front lines. After all, even the Orthodox-loving Russian Kremlin has gotten rid of military service exemptions for youthful clergy.

  5. An interesting thought for the day from a man with a bigger pulpit than most preachers:

    “Religion seems to me to be at the base of all wars. I’ve nothing against defending yourself, but I don’t think, spiritually speaking, that there’s any conception of God that should be telling you to be violent. It seems to me that no one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians.”

    — Tom Petty

    For the full story, go to:


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