When the Creationists win…


And why not? The bible supports nearly all of that

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38 Replies to “When the Creationists win…”

    1. You read these posts like you read Scripture – according to what you want it to say.

      First – leeches work somewhat, for some things – but the point of that cartoon was to back to superstition and primitive medicine.

      Second… Puritans did…

      And the point of the cartoon was about going backwards…

      1. Like your cartoon, you assume the wrong things about me and creationists. First, if you read the links you would see that it is the SECULAR evolutionary world returning to the use of leeches not the creationists.

        Then you assume that though creationists follow God’s word in Genesis 1 that they will not follow God’s word in the rest of the Bible which has commands for all areas of life.
        Second, WOW!!!! the Puritans did it so every believer is going to do it. You broad generalization contiues to show your willfull ignorance about a group of people who believe Genesis 1.

        Your bias against and hatred for creationists just blind you. Believing in creation is not going backwards but going forward with the truth. it stops people from wasting time, money and other resources so people in trouble can be helped. It allows scientists focus on what really matters in life instead of chasing a lie.

        There is more to science than the study of origins.The only people going backwards are those who believe in alternatives to Genesis 1 and their arrogance leads the way.

  1. P.S. i forgot the ‘flat earth’ cartoon. The Bible doesn’t teach a flat earth but your hatred for God’s word influences your eyesight.

        1. actually I do and i see you posting cartoons of a flat earth but not actuall scripture that teaches the earth is flat. So what can be concluded is that you two do not understand or know scripture at all.

          I know you do not understand what scripture says as you do not have the Holy Spirit helping you and put your ideas upon the verses you cherry pick to justufy your disobedience and sinful lives.

          1. P.S. even teaching the stork bringing babies is a whole lot better than saying humans evolved from some murky substance and life just happened.

            When God said not to follow unbelievers and evil people He included science also. There was no exception made for that field of study in any scripture.

          2. Say, how about those verses that speak about four corners, pillars of the ground, and a dome over the earth? Or the sun going around the earth… poor thing… you pick and choose what you want to read “literally.”

  2. ” how about those verses that speak about four corners, pillars of the ground, and a dome over the earth? Or the sun going around the earth… ”

    Not one verse is teaching that the earth is flat. Yet, yoou rprovide no specific reference…hmmm…

    Have you ever stopped toconsider that that ‘dome’ just may be the atmosphere? Hard to say as God did not go into details.

    As for my second paragraph in the otherpost–it makes perfect sense. Alternative believing people always use the mantra”creationism isn’t science’ and defend their taking secular science over God’s word with such statements. BUT origins is not part of science nor the focus of real scientific work. It is a distraction and a deception.

    Real science deals with real problems and figures out real mysteries. There is no mystery or problem with creation or Genesis 1, it is just that those who reject it need an excuse to fall back upon and science is it.

    No one is stopping people from doing real science but we do fight against the lies of secular science who focus on an imaginary process and give it credit forthings it could not even conceive of.

    1. Wait… so the entirety of ANE cosmology, the idea that either is surround by waters above, and below, with fountains, etc… and pillars holding up the land – nothing in Job 26-27… nothing points to a flat earth?

      You poor deluded soul.

      No, actually the etymology of the word dome means an actual dome. ANE peoples did not have the concept of an atmosphere. When they spoke about the windows of heaven, they meant the literal openings in the dome.

      The deception is creationism.

      Real science? You don’t even know what real doctorates are.

        1. Hardly. Considering that different authors, spread across not just different times, social situations, but different cultures too wrote in different genres with different intent, one cannot judge one part of the canon by another.

      1. That is right, nothing in the Bible points to, alludes to or teaches that the earth is flat. The ancients knew a lot more than you give them credit for


        you really do not know what you are talking about. We do not know how much they knew or didn’t know but the records from ancient times tell us that they knew a whole lot more than you think they did.

        In fact one author thinks that the Minoans already had longitude (that woul dbe about 3000 years before it was mastered in England). But you do not know these things and speak out of ignorance and condemnation.

        1. except… no one in the ANE believed what you think they did. Again, read Job’s descriptions of the word. A flat land supported by pillars, under a dome – a common theme in ANE cosmology.

          Now, to show just how awful you are at reading, let’s look at that article. That article deals with Greek astronomers from just before the time of Christ, and not ancient Mesopotamian cosmologists nearly 500 or more years before Jesus. You do understand the difference, right?

          You really should try to keep up.

  3. Evidently, the Hebrew word used in Job 40:22 is חוג which can convey a circle OR sphere. It is used in Amos I believe when he speaks abou being able to throw a ball in the vast wasteland after the final destruction. The word used again is חוג (khug)

      1. An example? He’s a preterist for one. But he is also known to be knowledgable on a lot of things.
        Also Jeremias 10:12 has תֵּבֵל (tebel) for world which is a poetic term for globe (In the LXX the Greek word used is οικουμενη (ikumeni)

        1. Ant, the LXX is a Greek work, in a Greek culture. The LXX is not known for it’s word for word translation.

          Holding is known for, well, not always being honest.

        1. Um, saying – see, someone else says it and he has a website so he must be authoritative – is a fallacy.

          I can point to research, mine, although footnoted with others, in pointing to the fact that ANE cosmology does not contain the notion of a spherical earth or much a universe for that matter.

          1. why is this even a discussion?

            The ancient Egyptians were really really good and building stuff out of stone, but they were pretty crap at telescopes and space travel.

  4. The bible does not teach that the earth is flat, nor does it teach that it is round. It is not a handbook on astronomy.

    Sheesh. If it said “the earth is flat”, that’s one thing. But it does not.

      1. not to mention… if it does not teach a literal 6 day creation, YEC stylez, then it also is, for the same reasons, unlikely to teach astronomy and geology, right?

        Now, if we could PROVE that the bible taught a literal flat earth, Ken Ham would have to believe it, or he would no longer be a bible believer..

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