When is Redemption?

English: Sundial Sundial on St.Mary's church s...
English: Sundial Sundial on St.Mary’s church south porch with the inscription ‘redeeming the time because the days are evil’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often see John 1 misquoted, suggesting we are all “children of God.” While we are all creatures of God, all children in some sense, we are not all Children in the sense of John 1. Rather, this adoption (RE St Paul) comes during redemption (a concept connected to adoption).

But are all redeemed effortless? What is the life of the redeemed? Even those who believe that Hell is locked from the inside, cannot believe everyone is redeemed without work — without sanctification. What is the proof, our token, our life? What is our witness?

Our Redemption is this new Birth; if this is not done, or doing in us, we are still unredeemed. And though the Saviour of the World is come, He is not come in us, He is not received by us, is a Stranger to us, is not ours, if his Life is not within us. His Life is not, cannot be within us, but so far as the Spirit of the World, Self-love, Self-esteem, and Self-seeking, are renounced, and driven out of us.

And of course, Law influenced Wesley.

To recapture the hope of the Christian message via Wesley, when will we turn to these basic concepts of new birth, new life, new creation – of holiness?

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