When a Hollywood Star Finds (the Wrong) Religion

Angus T. Jones, the child star of the popular CBS sitcom, Two and Half Men, has suddenly found religion. It is not, however a good one.

Angus Jones, the 19-year-old star of CBS’s “Two and a Half Men”, which airs on Comedy Central in the UK, said he no longer wants to be on the show. “Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth,” he says in the video, posted by the Forerunner Christian Church in California.

I believe that we should all be happy when this one of that one finds a better relationship with the Almighty, and yet, what Angus has found is not a better one, not even a good.

The Forerunner Chronicles is the internet arm of a California-based Seventh Day Adventist church. Granted, I do not see the same idiotic garbage on the 7th Day site as I do on FC, but they are connected, but nevertheless, they are connected. You can watch the various interviews on both of those links.

This FC site is riddled with poor eschatology, anti-Catholic bigotry, anti-everything bigotry, misunderstanding of the texts (for instance, see the video on “true education”), among other things expected of a Seventh Day Adventist “prophecy” site.

Yes, no doubt Mr. Jones as a child star left unattended sought a live style of those he saw around him. And it was horrible. I mean, he grew up next to Charlie Sheen. However, what he has now entered into is something, I dare say, far worse. Angus has not left his addictions, his pain, or his plight behind, but instead has shifted them to something far darker than drugs and alcohol. While the Hollywood gossip sites are loving this, what is going on behind the scenes is a young man who thinks he has finally found peace but will not find hell.

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27 Replies to “When a Hollywood Star Finds (the Wrong) Religion”

  1. Wow, so instead of taking about the moral depravity on a show like “Two and a Half Men” or even taking about Christian ethical responsiblity to pursue pathways of purity and earnest fidelity to Christ’s ways you have decided to cobble together a diatribe against a Christian church and denomination that you have problems with. Instead of talking about how profound it is that a young man is essentially committing career suicide because of his calling to exhort others to Christian virtue, you have decided to blast his faith and his church based on a fragment of a report while also impugning his Christian faith by discarding it as nothing more than spiritual acholohism and addiction. Rather than lauding the deliverance this young man received from his carnal addictions and vices, you condemn him for his faithfulness.

    There is a point when unbiblical theological retrospection becomes a hindrance to ones ability to discern God’s ways and paths, it often is found at the crossroads of a contrarian spirit…I think you have reached that point.

    1. Robert – who said 7th Day Adventism was a Christian Church?

      And what “unbiblical theological retrospection?”

      The fact remains – those who find such cults and believe them to be as such rarely find complete fulfillment. He has simply moved his darkness to something that looks like light – as do other druggies and alcoholics.

      1. As far as United Theological Seminary is concerned, they educate clergy on their way to ordination in that church.

        The danger, Robert, is something that Joel and I have both come out of. Jones’ particular brand of faith initially sounds like fundamentalism – and I’m not totally unconvinced that SDA is a cult. But this brand of faith can oppress people into a submissive state which resembles faith, never to emerge to faith.

        Joel is right on the money with his concern.

        1. I grew up in a fundamentalist camp as well, but don’t immediately toss anyone who speaks up from within that denomination under the bus. Can we really anticipate the motivations and formation taking place in another’s life who is so far from us based on experiences we’ve had both in the past and on the other side of country? It sets a dangerous trend.

          The Seventh Day Adventists I know have aspects of their theology which I don’t agree with including their eschatology. However, I find myself reluctant to castigate all of them based on a short piece which doesn’t engage theologically with their particular journey. It seems that we who have come out of a denomination or sect of Christianity are more resistant to it than others. I think of former Roman Catholics who attack everything within that branch of Christianity once they are out of its flock. Maybe I’m at an odd place of promoting generosity for another Christian in spite of past experiences with those who might be around them.

          1. Wait, Robert – did you read what I wrote? I didn’t say anything about Angus. My words are about the 7th Day Adventist Church.

            Promoting generosity is fine, but one does not give a daycare license to kidnappers.

  2. With so many looking closely at this situation from a faith concern, I just want to be sure I get the facts straight. Joel there seems to be some confusion on the news reports and in the blogosphere about Forerunner Chronicle and its connection. I’ve been all over the web site and there seems to be no clue that its connected to the Seventh Day Adventists. I am not suggesting that the connection is unplausible, just want to get clear on the connection. Hope you can help.

    1. Interesting response from The Seventh Day Adventist Church.

      “Angus T. Jones, an actor of the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, became a member of a local Seventh-day Adventist congregation in the San Fernando Valley area in June of 2012. On October 8, Jones was interviewed on a show called Turning Point, produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, in which he discussed his faith journey. The interview will air on Hope Channel (DirecTV channel 368) this Friday, November 30, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Currently, you can view an online version athttp://sda.biggytv.com/watch/Turning_Point:_Angus_T._Jones/specials

      “We are happy that Angus has joined the Seventh-day Adventist family and has found a place in which he feels comfortable to worship and grow his faith,” said George Johnson, communication director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. “Recently, Angus made some statements concerning his spiritual journey and expressed his views concerning the television program Two and a Half Men. These comments are of a personal nature, reflecting his views after having undergone changes during his spiritual journey. We welcome him with open arms to the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church family and are excited about his commitment to God through his recent baptism at his church.”

      Many inquiries have come to the Church regarding the Forerunner Chronicles interview. We are unable to offer information because Forerunner Chronicles is not a ministry operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its host is not a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

      About the Seventh-day Adventist Church
      The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Protestant church with approximately 17 million members worldwide in 209 countries, which includes more than 1.1 million members in North America. The Seventh-day Adventist Church encourages people to develop their minds through education, their bodies through healthful living, and their spiritual connection to God through personal study of the Bible. The Church also tries to make a positive impact on the human condition through community service and worldwide development disaster relief initiatives.”

        1. It’s completely true, look it up. Adventist.org. Please stop bashing something you clearly know NOTHING about. The NUMBER ONE focus of Adventism is the Blood of Jesus Christ, the greatest gift of love.

        2. If you REALLY did research you would know that it’s “Seventh-day Adventist”. Says a lot about the information you’re bringing to public knowledge through this blog. Sad.

        3. JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST and yet again JESUS CHRIST. HE is the ALL and the EVERYTHING. You know nothing about the religion, it’s not a big deal, you just don’t make sense. Prays for you and your uneducated attacks on Christianity. And yes, the misspelling shows ignorance.

          1. No, Logan. I just don’t care enough about cult to worry over a hyphen.

            You aren’t speaking to one unlearned in the SDA. It is a cult based on fear, ignorance, and Ellen White

  3. I wonder if this person will become the new Kirk Cameron-type of the Forerunner church. I’ve had a lot of friends send e-mails giving praise to Angus’ comments. I have had to respond back letting them know the history of his affilitation and how it will lead others astray. Aside from his church affiliation, this is also why it is better to preach Christ Crucified then lambast a show with questionable morality. The Christian community seems to do a far better job of advertising others’ sin and less of a job preaching Jesus.

  4. Sorry Joel you seem to be mistaken. Give praise to God for a converted soul instead of trying to bring it down like the world. Rethink who is using you when you post false information like this.
    Before you reply, pray.
    It seems like the devil is getting the best of some.

  5. How can a “Loving God” condemn people to an eternity of suffering (“hell”) – the belief much of Christianity is teaching.The “popular” hell concept turns many away from coming to God/Christ.
    This WRONG concept of hell- an insult to a truly loving God – which is exposed by Adventist/Biblical teaching on this & other topics can be seen by looking at the online courses available on the *SDA website.
    Angus Jones like most of the “converts” to SDA/Biblical truth has had a background of Christian teaching & he – like others before him – has had greater Biblically grounded Truth as revealed in SDA teaching revealed to him.

  6. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is the only true Protestant church left since the reformation!! They are solo scriptura!! Jesus Christ is at the center and it’s very clear from the negative posts about the SDA’s, that you don’t’ know the the doctrines and the teachings of the SDA church.The teachings are by Far suppressive!! There can only be one truth, and most people can’t handle the truth so they start bashing. Jesus came for sinners, but he also wants us to know him and follow in his footsteps. He is our example, and the beliefs of the SDA church line up with scripture. Believe me, I have fought the truth many years, been through many churches, SDA’s are the only one’s that know the history and have sound biblical truths. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.

  7. “found religion but its not a “good one” ” you say?
    Huh. Which one is a “good one? Was he supposed to call you before his epiphany? Check in and see if it was O.K. with you?
    So, any truth so long as its YOUR truth? got it..

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