What’s next?

So the Mozilla CEO lasted 11 days. Let’s be clear about this, he did nothing wrong on the job. He did nothing to indicate that his personal feelings on marriage being one man and one woman would affect his work. He released a statement explaining that there was no intention to change Mozilla’s policies regarding same sex couples and that he would work to enact programs designed at reaching out to the LGBT community in order to help that community be more involved in the technology sector. He did nothing wrong.

Now, if you have read a news piece about it, what was said depends largely on whether you read your news with a little right wing or a little left wing mixed in. The news of the right says he was ousted for his belief in traditional marriage, the news of the left says he was ousted for his anti-gay or discriminatory views. The truth is that an internet dating site posted a notice when people tried to log on with Mozilla. Yep, that’s correct, an internet dating site claiming discrimination ruined a man’s career and reputation.

Mark Zuckerberg marches in Pride parades, and Jeff Bezos has spent millions in Washington to promote ‘marriage equality’. Has anyone ever suggested that an employee of theirs would be treated unfairly for their personal views? Of course not, (I hope not and if anyone has said so, they were just as wrong as those who attacked ¬†Brendan Eich )¬†and I don’t believe they would be. I don’t believe that anyone at Mozilla would have been either.

All the buzz about this claims that those of us who hold ‘traditional’ views on marriage are going to be forgotten and our anachronistic views will fade to a bad memory. Maybe they will, time will tell. We are told fairly often we are on the wrong side of history, and maybe we are. Time will tell. What I do know is this, destroying a man for his personal views is never ok. He is a man. He supported a political cause with the massive donation of $1000. He was destroyed by a group of people who, in the name of tolerance, acted like tyrants, and tyranny is always on the wrong side of history.

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4 Replies to “What’s next?”

  1. Tolerant adjective
    1. showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.
    I am tolerant in this manner. It is one of those words that has come to mean different things depending on company.

  2. Yes Scott! Also, tolerance as an act is something to be given and not demanded. Demanded tolerance is in and of itself logical intolerance.

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