What? You mean we are more than our physical nature?

Yup, at least according to new experiments by Dr. Robert Lanza,

But a series of new experiments suggest this may be all wrong, and that part of us exists outside of the physical world. The implications of these experiments have been downplayed because, until recently, quantum behavior was limited to the microscopic world. However, this ‘two-world’ view (that is, one set of physical laws for small objects, and another set of laws for the rest of the universe, including us) has no basis in reason, and more importantly, is being challenged in labs around the world.

Robert Lanza, M.D.: What Are We? New Experiments Suggest We’re Not Purely Physical.

There is more to this life than just the physical nature of our existence, you know…

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4 Replies to “What? You mean we are more than our physical nature?”

  1. Interesting essay, although I do not like to get my physics lessons from an MD. While he may be correct, I haven't seen or heard any new discovery, experiment, or even a workable hypothesis that has been able to bridge quantum physics and general relativity. It's still the elusive holy grail of physics.

    Plus, he seems surprised that as observers we change or influence nature. Of course we do, we're part of it. Anthropologists working in the field will inevitably influence the tribe she's studying. And it has been known for some time that observing a quantum event will “collapse the wave function”. The good doctor has good questions but hasn't proffered any good answers. Mystics revel in mystery, realists seek to find out.

    Sorry Joel, I'm still a (bible-reading) metaphysical naturalist.

  2. At you read the bible and make room for the metaphysical and like trees 🙂

    You are correct, that an MD might not be the best person to give QP advice, but it is an interesting essay nevertheless, and indeed, science has only revealed how much we don't understand.

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