What would Rene Girard say about the current slate of pro-Confederate movies?

He’d most likely say it cathartic.

  • John Carter of Mars
  • Firefly
  • Even a recent episode of South Park which compared the Exodus story to the South v. North
  • Hunger Games
  • Hell on Wheels

There are a few more, of course.

If you understand the basic of mimetic desire, that violence within a society rises to the point of explosion and then subsides… then…

Here’s the thing… there is a certain angst in the American public today. We are watching the angst play out on screen. This is Aristotle’s mimetic theatre at work. By that, I mean, that we are allowed to entertain the idea, sublimely, that we could rise up, but we might lose. Lots of stuff to unwind here.

But, over all, there is a certain pro-Confederate movement alive and well coming from Hollywood. A certain anti-government…

And, the ex-Confederates are always good guys.

Should be fun to watch.


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