What will 2012 herald? A New Bible From Tyndale, not the end of the world

On Friday, during a highly confidential conversation on Twitter which was just between Keith Williams, General Editor at Tyndale House Publishers; Christian, world renown blogger, New Monastic, and quite possibly the world’s most interesting man; and myself, a humble, humble, and I mean, just really humble guy… this bit of information was dropped for all the world to see:

Seriously, I am the most humblest guy I know. It’s not easy, but I manage somehow. I guess, if I had to answer the question of my most enduring trait, it would humility, because I am humble. I am more humble than you, trust me.

Now, as the Self-Appointed NLT-O Missionary, and humble guy, I am waiting to hear about this…

And frankly, having a new NLT (or edition of the NLT) out in 2012 makes having Sarah Palin as the next President of the United States almost bearable.

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4 Replies to “What will 2012 herald? A New Bible From Tyndale, not the end of the world”

  1. I would love a fine leather cover NLT study Bible. Hmmm, (cough, cough), you’re not giving one away anytime soon, are you?

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