What Universal Reconciliation Might Look Like


I don’t know if I could agree to that… You?

If this was how it really was, would you be okay with that?

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5 Replies to “What Universal Reconciliation Might Look Like”

  1. Would I be okay with it?


    If we understand the meaning of grace at all, then we need to understand that none of us deserves forgiveness. Jesus gives it to us, anyway. If bin Laden repented, then he’s forgiven and that’s the end of it.

    Just because he was hired to work in the vineyard an hour before the end of the shift and I came over in the morning doesn’t matter. We get paid the same wages.

    To your first question … Do I think that that’s what grace will look like? I doubt it. I hope that bin Laden repented, because I wish that no one was damned.

    I just find it rather unlikely.

    But the picture does tell a bigger truth, which is that this kind of thing would “piss off” the American constituency, which tends to give lip service to grace while really thinking that we’re better than everyone else.

    Reactions to this picture will probably tell you a lot about how the viewer sees him/herself and his/her relationship to grace.

  2. Jesus is lord. I am his slave. Whatever he wants to do is okay by me.

    Jesus is also smarter and nicer than I am. Thus, see above.

    Do I think UBL would reject Islam? No. But given the picture as reality, see the first lines.

    Mind you, as the disciples proved, this attitude is easier said than done.

  3. This is actually the Jesus I *do* believe in, so thank you.

    Commenting to note that the image is labeled Jesus and Obama. You may want to change that.

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